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Wire pointing machines

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Tramev produces two models of wire pointing machines, namely TRA-16, specific for 6 to 16 mm diameters and TRA-25, for diameters between 17 and 25 mm.

Both versions are equipped with four eccentric rolling cylinders and can be combined with a portable shear to facilitate the cutting operation.

Coils internal gripper

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The proposed equipment is a model specifically realized to have a reduced structural weight; made of steel with a very high yield point. Both jaws are long enough to grip one coil at a time.The two jaws are covered in poliurethanic material or similar, they are vulcanized in order to resist to at least 1000 grippings. The release device has been widely tested in order to guarantee perfect functioning. The equipment is yellow painted (RAL1021), as per regulation and it is supplied with CE identification label, user’s and maintenance handbook and declaration of conformity, realized following equipments directive.

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Shredder for heavy duty banding and wire



The shredder TRAMEV mod. SR-517 has been designed to solve problems of scrapping and disposal of wire and banding. The SR-517 reduces in pieces 75-mm long linear metal materials guaranteeing a real reduction of the scrap volume from 20 to 1. The use of the machine immediately highlights the advantages in terms of volume reduction,  convenience in terms of scrap management and greater availability of free space, consequently increasing profits. The SR-517 has incredible speed and power: the scrap material is inserted into the feed mouth and a particular loading system automatically drags the material inside, were it is reduced in pieces. The fragments are directly discharged in a container placed underneath the shredder.

The SR- 517 shredder is a very sturdy product, high quality and built with the best materials available. The feed mouth is equipped with an effective safety device which guarantees the total safety of the operators. The shredding knives can be easily rotated for 4 times before being replaced. All of this ensures a long operative service without problems even in continuative use.

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Strapping station

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